Orchid Ministries has been so named to indicate how very precious and beautiful the children of SE Asia are to the Lord. Our aim is to take the love and fragrance of Jesus to these desperately needy children. We are also a Registered UK Charity (Charity Commission No: 1079648)

Mission Statement:
1. To promote the gospel of Jesus Christ
2. To increase awareness of the plight of the children of SE Asia.
3. To raise finances to help meet these needs.
4. To encourage committed Christians to go and help on long or short term missions.
5. To raise up an army of intercessors to pray not only for the victims but deliverance for the abusers.

Trustee & Advisor Team

Dorothy Newett - Founder / Director
Born in 1938 Dorothy trained as a nurse specializing in ITU and later on obtained a B.Ed. Hons and entering Nurse Education which she did for 8 years prior to retiring. Dorothy is widowed and has a son and daughter and 2 grandchildren. She lives in Lichfield in Staffordshire and worships at Victory Christian Centre Rugeley.

Read a note from Dorothy Newett, by clicking here.

Will & Barbara Graham - Trustee / Advisor
"Since Orchid Ministries began we have had the privilege of supporting it as Trustees, and now as Advisors. This is a worthy ministry run with integrity, and we recommend it."
Barbara and Will Graham Pastor of Victory Christian Centre Rugeley

Joan & Nicky Wyndow - Trustee
Joan & Nick became involved in missionary work while attending a church in Rugeley pastored by Will & Barbara Graham. Nick has made several trips to Thailand and Cambodia. Both Joan and Nicky are invaluable to the ministry as treasurer and secretary and do a lot of work towards the fundraising.

Peggy & Chris Gasson - Trustee
My name is Peggy and I first met Dorothy when I joined the Victory Church about 11 years ago. She really impressed me with her passion for the children of Orchid and I was glad to get involved with a fund raising walk with my husband Chris. I continued to support Orchid where possible over the years and when Dorothy asked me to become a Trustee recently, I was pleased to accept, knowing what a worthwhile organisation I would be joining.
I'm Chris, married to Peggy. Dorothy asked me to become a Treasurer as there was a vacancy coming up. I was already a supporter and felt this was something I could help her with, as I now have more time, having retired.

Tracey Lloyd - Trustee
I became involved with Orchid Ministries right at the beginning, when I helped Dorothy with some of the paperwork during the initial setting up the charity. I have since been involved in raising funds, including the amazing experience of participating in a sponsored walk through Death Valley in USA. I was honoured a few years ago to be asked by Dorothy to become a Trustee of such a worthwhile charity

Howard Cottrell - Trustee
Howard Cottrell is an experienced teacher and manager of a Personalised Learning Centre. He has been married to Kate for 20 plus years and they have 3 children. He has always been a good support to this ministry and takes part in the fundraising and as an ideas person.