Nehemiah Project Blessing Home

Our main project has been setting up of the Nehemiah Project Blessing Home (formerly Palm House Children's Home).
The vision for the children’s home was originally given by God to Pastor Narin Torbprakon who was guide to Pastor Barbie Graham and Dorothy on the first ever visit in November 1997 following a bloody uprising (which we did not know about until we were there). When Narin shared his heart with Dorothy she knew God wanted Orchid Ministries to help bring this home into being. We also began to work with Harvest Development of Cambodia headed up by Dr Tevyneath Yem who was invaluable in steering us through all the legal red tape. Legally the children’s home does not belong to Orchid ministries but to Harvest Development of Cambodia as foreigners may not purchase land.
With the help of partners we have built a beautiful children’s home in Siem Riep. We need more partners to work with us as it costs £60 per month to provide food, clothes, education and any medical care needed for each child. The house will be able to accommodate 20 children (accommodates 31 children at present).
God has given us a vision for more children’s homes but we need to have sufficient sponsorship for our first 20 children before we can move on. We educate our children and provide healthcare and train them up for the work of the ministry. All the children are great little worshippers and love the Lord Jesus Christ.


The infrastructure of Cambodia is improving and more firms are beginning to invest in this troubled country. With a relaxation of visa regulations more tourists are going to this beautiful country but sadly this freedom encourages those interested only in the sex trade. The more children we can rescue, means the less there will be available to the sex trade. Click here to see pictures.



House of new vision - Faith Village

We have supported Paula & David Mahawon since we first met them in 1997 when they were rescuing boy soldiers. These boy soldiers are now young men and playing a full part in the ministry taking the Gospel of Jesus to the Shan Tribes as well as other areas. Paula & David are now greatly respected by village elders who also bring children to them for care. What origionally started off as a boys home now has many girls and a large farming area where they are doing everything the can to be self sufficient even to the exporting of mangos. This is a worthy ministry to sow into. Click here to see more pictures

2 El Shaddai homes

1 is in Sriracha and 1 is in the North of Thailand. El Shaddai 2 is run by David & Terry Wharf and is under the victory ministries, and the other is run by Patty Wolf and Noi and Yoel. These are worthy ministries to support and anyone wishing to visit El Shaddia 3 in Chiang Rai would be able to stay on site, please contact us. Click here to see more pictures.

My Fathers House

This is run by Pastor Narin Tobprakon and his wife Kanueng and their daughter Hannah. We worked with in Narin in Cambodia before he returned to the Buriram province in North-East Thailand where we have helped them to build a new home for the children and they are also building another home for boys onsite. They have also built a beautiful church. The whole family take part in spreading the Gospel of Jesus to that poor area of Thailand. Read about activies, cleaning after floods & Egg production. Click here to see more pictures.



Other Projects

Orchid Ministries is currently involved in supporting a number of other organisations and ministries and for further information on these please contact us.